“I once gave $20 dollars to a nonprofit, and over the past 10 years since, I’ve remained on their physical mailing list. Even after I have told them repeatedly to stop chasing me down, they’ve spent more on postage to me than I originally donated.”
 – Heather Solos, Director, FeedBlitz

Avoiding Email Marketing Pitfalls with Heather Solos

Session 61

Are you emailing the right people the right way? Heather Solos, a director at email marketing company FeedBlitz, joins Driving Participation to talk about some common pitfalls of sending organizational emails. Heather discusses how to increase deliverability, which is the percentage of your emails that actually reach people’s inboxes. Even if your emails aren’t getting sent to spam folders, they could still be blocked by email providers. She emphasizes that the focus should be on emailing people who are actually committed to your organization. But her main message is to build trust with people on your email list by providing the information they signed up to receive when and how they want it. There’s no sense in wasting the time and money to email people who don’t want to hear from you or have already agreed to help – learn how segmenting targets the right people on your list.

Heather and Beth discuss:

  • Why you should never buy an email list
  • Ways to avoid getting your emails blocked or sent to a spam folder
  • What types of pop-ups you should use to get emails
  • Why you need a bulk email provider and how to pick the right one
  • How emails should be formatted so that they are easy to read on mobile devices
  • How having an easy way to unsubscribe is one of the best tools you can have

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