“I always do baby steps, so we are always building towards the last step. When you have to go backwards, that’s when you run into trouble with time, budgets, and frustration.”
 – Liz Dobrinska, Innovative Images

Getting Ready for Web Design with Liz Dobrinska

Session 60

Tackling a web design project can be daunting regardless of experience, time, and budget. But this week’s guest Liz Dobrinska shares tips for preparing to start a web design project that can save time and money. Liz says that when it comes to talking to prospective designers, you can never give too much information. It is one thing to know what you want your website to look like, but taking the time to outline what kind of content you want, what you want the website to do, and what applications it needs to work with will result in the finished project looking and acting closely to what you envisioned. Beth explains that website developers are like contractors; they do the building, but you have to provide them the specifications. Think about how often you will be updating your website, and what kind of control you need over it – all of these factors go in to how the site will be built. Putting in the effort to brainstorm a site map yourself before going to a developer will make the entire design process more efficient.

Liz and Beth discuss:

  • The most important aspects to consider when building a site map
  • Commonly overlooked areas of web design that can cause problems later on
  • Considering the approval process in each step of the site development
  • How to decide what degree of customization your website needs
  • Tips for picking the right web developer and negotiating price
  • How for web developers, “there’s never too much information”

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