“Nonprofits try to educate people on their website about their programs because they live in it every day. But the donor who thinks about their organization maybe five times a year for five seconds at a time usually only thinks ‘I’m going to the site to make a gift.’”
– Steven Screen, Creative Director, Better Fundraising Company

Home Page Takeovers for End-of-Year Fundraising Success with Steven Screen

Session 58

The end of the year is when the most donations roll in, so it’s never too early to start planning a strategy. Steven Screen, creative director at the Better Fundraising Company, says that using a website “takeover”, or making temporary changes to your website’s homepage to make it easier for people to donate, should be the top end-of-year web design priority for nonprofits. During this crucial fundraising time, most donors aren’t looking for information, they’re looking to donate. Redesigning a website’s homepage to highlight a clear call for action helps streamline the donation process. This can be as simple as putting a new area at the top of your page strictly for donations, or as creative as making a whole new donation page. While there are many ways to design around this concept, Steven points out “It doesn’t really matter what it looks like as long as it’s clear.”

He and Beth discuss:

  • Common web design mistakes nonprofits make that make giving more difficult
  • Three web design strategies for donation information that differ in complexity
  • Different metrics to determine whether your website design is working
  • The difference between “fundraising” and making giving easier for donors
  • The symbiotic relationship between marketing and fundraising
  • The most important factors that should be considered in an end-of-year plan

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