“It’s really an appetizer, if you will. If you see one thing you like, and you’re a five minute reader, then it’s sort of an invitation to the rest of the magazine and maybe you’ll become a 15 or 30 minute reader.”
 – Adrienne Frank, American Magazine

Using Anchor Pages to Create Anticipation with Adrienne Frank

Session 54

Imagine your favorite segment of a TV show. Whether it’s particularly entertaining or informative, it keeps you coming back. Adrienne Frank, Managing Editor of American Magazine at American University, explains that this is the benefit of anchor content. In her magazine, anchor pages give the reader an expectation of what is to come, and also make the planning and design process more efficient. She gives examples of successful anchor pages used in the magazine, and how they connect the publication with their audiences. She provides insight into creating content that is more purposeful, more creative and more easily distributed over various platforms. Using anchor pages draws readers in with engaging content, encourages them to keep reading, and makes them anticipate future releases.

Adrienne and Beth discuss:

  • How Adrienne’s three-year-old son inspired her to think about anchor pages
  • The advantages and disadvantages of print publications in terms of feedback and tracking
  • Strategies to help understand audiences and the channels used to reach them
  • Using eye-catching multimedia to enhance print stories
  • Examples of different kinds of anchor pages
  • Finding inspiration for design and content

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