“How do you bring your brand to life? Once you have all that [branding] work done, then you can design a logo and a good logo will be reflective of that.”
- Charlotte Prouse, The Destination Marketing Store

It’s Not About the Logo…Even in Australia with Charlotte Prouse

Session 53

To reach a destination, you need a map. This can also apply to branding and the map to success, says Australian brand expert Charlotte Prouse on this week’s episode. Creating a logo can’t be the end destination without understanding the direction of the branding behind it and who the market is. Charlotte talks about finding the story behind your branding that your audience can connect with. She shares the background behind the nonprofit Science for Wildlife and the koala-bear-sniffing dog named Badger that has connected with audiences and changed the story for the organization. Having a brand people can connect with can humanize your organization, as shown by Badger, and help you motivate your audience to get involved and participate.

They discuss:

  • What is the true role of the creative brief?
  • How can you really tell who your audience is and what motivates them?
  • Why you should focus on creating a brand first, not a logo
  • How do you figure out who the “perfect person” for your brand is?
  • What are the top three areas in which you need to have consistency?
  • What are the two most important factors in creating your brand?
  • How to avoid creating a “Franken-logo”

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