"Always have that reader-centric, member-centric item, that's very important and will get people involved"
 — Carol Meerschaert, Healthcare Businesswomen's Association

The Value of Publications in the Future of Organizations with Carol Meerschaert

Session 51

Those who love leisurely reading magazines, rejoice–print is not dead, says Carol Meerschaert on this week’s episode. Carol, Director of Marketing and Communications for the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association and she’s the Editor in Chief of HBAdvantage magazines, talks about the publication that is key to the organization, how it’s edited, and why it has sustained in the digital age. She and Beth talk about the difference a platform makes when it comes to messaging, from a website to a magazine to social media. She talks about making reading the magazine an interactive experience, which Carol says is crucial.

She and Beth discuss:

  • What is the correlation between longevity and involvement?
  • What are the content marketing opportunities with a print publication?
  • How can you make a newsletter interactive?
  • Are sponsorship and advertising the same thing?
  • What is the first step to making your publication central to your organization?
  • What is the number one benefit to having a print publication?

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