"The press release is the dinosaur of the industry. There's no question about it and if people keep referring to press releases, they really don't understand what public relations can do."
 — Debbie Albert, Albert Communications

Using PR to Connect with New Audiences with Debbie Albert

Session 50

How do you tailor to your audiences? There is always more than one audience, maybe even more than two, that you should be paying attention to. Debbie Albert joins Beth this week to talk about how to make sure you are reaching all of your audiences who may be coming to you for different reasons. She and Beth talk about effective communication through every outlet, from newsletters to Facebook. Debbie talks about public relations and marketing, and why they shouldn’t always be lumped together because they can — and do — mean very different things. Hear about how Debbie also founded her own nonprofit and how she found the audience(s), resources, and how she got the word out.

She and Beth discuss:

  • What is the difference between “earned media” and “paid media”?
  • How can you find out who your secondary audience is and pay attention to them?
  • How can you make sure your website speaks to all of your audiences’ needs?
  • Where is the difference between public relations and marketing?
  • Why press releases aren’t always the best ways to get your name out there
  • What is “nuance communication”?
  • Can you really create the perfect persona to represent your organization?

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