"I think it's important to know that just because you're going through re-branding, it doesn't mean that you want to throw the baby out with the bath water. Part of the good branding process is trying to really identify what has equity, what's working and what maybe needs to be adjusted to be more effective."
- Sarah Durham, Big Duck

The Hard and Soft Elements of Branding with Sarah Durham

Session 49

From Beyonce to a designer pair of jeans, branding is everywhere. Branding comes into play through many avenues and has gone from something more taboo to something many organizations have learned to embrace. Sarah Durham, founder of Big Duck, offers insight into the concept of branding and how much you can (or can’t) control. She and Beth talk about maintaining communication in a multi-channel world, when the right time to do a rebranding is, and how to hone in your branding strategy overall. Branding, after all, is a strategy and can help achieve your mission, Sarah says.

Beth and Sarah discuss:

  • What are the hard elements and soft elements of branding?
  • What does being “practical creative” mean?
  • Why do nonprofits needs to focus on branding?
  • Where is the range to provide clarity and consistency in branding?
  • What is the difference between “strategic planning” and “strategic branding”? Where is the overlap?
  • How does branding for a nonprofit differ from corporate branding?
  • How can you really figure out your positioning and how people think of you when they think of your organization

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