"Find out what you don't know. You might be surprised, you might be shocked by the direction you've been going on and you need to pull a U-turn like we were."
- Steve Varnum, New Hampshire Community Loan Fund

Reclaiming Value Through a Re-Branding with Steve Varnum

Session 48

Planning a rebranding project is one thing, but the outcome and the process is a different story. For instance, you may change a part of your brand that many people connected with–and then lose that connection without you even knowing. Steve Varnum, marketing and communications director for the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund, tells Beth the story of the organization’s rebranding, and then fixing a mishap within the process. Steve talks about why it’s important to always understand what your audience already knows about you and what they connect you with, and then figure out how to build value from that connection.

He and Beth discuss:

  • What is the most important principle of rebranding?
  • How to narrow down your positioning statement to really get to the value
  • How to handle resistance to a rebranding campaign
  • What are they key stages and steps when rebranding?
  • How do you know when to use “consumer language” or “connoisseur language”?
  • What questions should you ask your community to learn what they think about you?
  • And how do you take those answers to effectively build a stronger connection?

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