"The organizations that actually advance, the ones that are making real progress online do a lot of risk taking, and so mini campaigns, in a sense, are a way to take a small risk."
- John Haydon

How to “Wake Up” Your Community with News Feed Mini-Campaigns with John Haydon

Session 46

Cook up some engagement with this week’s guest John Haydon who shares his “recipes” for successful social engagement. John shares how a “mini campaign” can help an organization progress in the online world and how taking risks can really pay off. Social media and content marketing have changed the game, and it’s important to make sure you don’t “hide behind a fortress” when it comes to participating online, John says. Communication is a two-way street, which is especially crucial to remember when you are dealing with multiple generations that may or may not be fluent online. It also makes the biggest difference in engaging people who “like” you online and like you in real life–and then finding more.

John and Beth discuss:

  • How to create the “mini campaign” that will work the best for your organization
  • How can nonprofits narrow their focus when it comes to marketing?
  • Why understanding who the people are in your organization is so crucial for effective communication
  • Which social media platform should be most integrated with email?
  • Why should an organization act like a person rather than an entity?
  • What is the biggest difference when it comes to millennials and marketing today?

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