“You should be consistent across all these channels that we're talking about, and all of these things should be in support of one thing: your charitable mission. That's really at the core.”
- Tony Martignetti, Nonprofit Radio

Lessons Learned from 225+ Episodes of Nonprofit Radio with Tony Martignetti

Session 45

Tony Martignetti has been in the nonprofit and podcast world for quite some time–long enough to have recorded over 225 episodes of his show “Nonprofit Radio.” This week, he shares with Beth some wisdom and lessons he has picked up along the way from over 500 interviews and his own personal experiences. And with over 10,000 downloads a week, people are listening. He talks about everything from fundraising to focusing on the core culture of an organization to clarity in social media. How can you keep your message clear across the board, no matter what platform it is?

They discuss:

  • What is the most important recurring theme Tony has heard in his conversations?
  • Where does the confusion surrounding the role of a board member come from? What is the organization’s responsibility to their board members?
  • What are the biggest trends on social media?
  • Why polling your constituents about communication methods is crucial
  • What is “shiny object syndrome”?
  • How can you make the term “branding” more clear?

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