"The priority for me is to champion donors at every single turn."
- John Lepp, Agents of Good

Looking at Marketing Through a Donor Lens with John Lepp

Session 41

Focusing on your donors seems like a no-brainer, but many times employing a donor-centric lens in marketing gets lost. John Lepp from Agents of Good joins Beth this week to talk about the importance of looking through a donor lens when it comes to your marketing, and the biggest ways that can make a difference. He talks about focusing on the “pure fundamentals of direct response and pure gratitude” and offering your donors a seat in your office–physically or figuratively–to ensure the focus is always on the donor. There is danger in looking at your donors as one audience, and John talks about how to avoid that and who to focus on. As a designer, he also talks about how design plays a role in marketing and its impact on communication with your donors.

They discuss:

  • What are URGs and USPs, and who do they impact?
  • Where is the line between marketing and fundraising communication and where a donor-centric message is focused?
  • How to do look beyond what you do and instead on why you do it and focusing it in a donor-centric message
  • How can you effectively use imagery to demonstrate the uniqueness of your organization?
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to simplify your messaging

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