"If you don’t change your public message it's really hard to get people to understand that the core of the organization is going to change."
 – Beth Anne Miller, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Tackling Branding from Funding to Finished with Beth Anne Miller

Session 40

Branding is the most crucial step in effective communication and can help your organization grow and change. Beth Anne Miller joins Driving Participation this week to talk about her time with the Histiocytosis Association as they went through a major rebranding process. Rebranding is much more than just deciding you want a new logo. Despite being an organization focused on a very rare disease, there are other places people can give to support their interest in the cause. The organization knew it was time to figure out what made them truly distinctive and valuable for the work they did. Beth Anne explains how the association found the funding required for this project, brought in a consultant (whom you may know as none other than the host of this podcast), and what it took to move from planning to execution. When rebranding, the long-term effects and results must be taken into account, and Beth Anne talks about what worked and how they did it.

She and Beth discuss:

  • What she learned from bringing in a consultant with expertise she didn’t have
  • Where is it most beneficial to start when rebranding
  • How can you pay for a consultant, even when you don’t think you can afford it?
  • When you know it’s time to rebrand
  • What is the process of rebranding?
  • How they managed the project with a small staff and juggled all their other work

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