"I keep hearing this idea that your brand, your marketing, people's opinions of you certainly live in your communities heart's and minds and if you want to mirror that image, if you want to amplify that message, you've got to know what it is."
- Amanda Kaiser, Kaiser Insights

Rebranding Starts with Understanding your Community with Amanda Kaiser

Session 37

What is the first question to ask in an interview? And following up on that, how do you when to ask a follow up question and what the right question is? (See what we did there?) Amanda Kaiser of Kaiser Insights joins Beth this week to talk about how to fully understand the image your community sees of you, and how to mirror it by doing the right kind of research–one-to-one interviews. She has worked with branding and marketing, and she shares how to ask your community the right questions to find out how to connect with them. Sometimes, this method extends past just a survey. The most important questions when it comes to a rebranding campaign usually begin with “why,” and surveys cannot usually answer those as effectively.

She and Beth discuss:

  • How can using the term ‘audience’ actually be bad?
  • What research method is most effective when starting a rebranding campaign?
  • What is the right kind of follow up question? And how do you when to ask it?
  • When should you do a phone interview instead of a survey?
  • What are some of the biggest mistakes people make when they jump into an interview with a member of their community on their own?
  • Where is the distinction between a survey and qualitative research?

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