"Compared to that sponsorship pool or the corporate giving dollars that are out there, there's a lot more money in cause marketing."
- Joe Waters, SelfishGiving.com

Cause Marketing is Like Giving on Steroids with Joe Waters

Session 36

Cause marketing is a popular and effective way of getting people interested in your organization and hopefully donate. Joe Waters, founder of SelfishGiving.com, joins Beth this week to talk about cause marketing methods, register programs, and the process of blogging. Cause marketing can create lasting and valuable relationships between businesses and nonprofits, and Joe shares a few success stories that will help you think of new ideas. He talks about some small efforts nonprofits have put in that have lead to huge numbers and results.

He and Beth discuss:

  • What is cause marketing?
  • The most important factor of any register program
  • What kind of content should you blog about?
  • How can a small donation box make a big difference?
  • How hashtag campaigns can be successful
  • Using social media most effectively

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