"My favorite read this year is especially appropriate for anyone struggling with trying to connect audiences with the reason you exist. And that should be all of you." 
– Beth Brodovsky

Unexpected Places for Learning More about Marketing with Beth Brodovsky

Session 34

The easiest way to find out what’s working with others is asking them what they’re doing to find that success. Beth shares some of her favorite podcasts and books she has listened to and read that give advice on how to make your nonprofit, association or school even more successful. She recommends resources you may not have heard of that will inspire you to try new things and look at your organization in a different way.  Learn how to get out of the “We are just like Organization X” marketing mentality, why leading a conversation with “why” is better than with “what,” and more from the resources she shares.

And as a BONUS – this week Beth launches a contest for listeners who write an iTunes review of the podcast. Win a Donor Love Toolkit, and if you share your biggest marketing frustration you’ll also get a chance to win a book AND have your question featured on a show. Just write your review on iTunes and send it on over with the problem that plagues you.





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