“Every little thing that you're doing is an opportunity for social interchange, for some type of participation and engagement with one of your community members...so I would look at all the little elements and make sure that they're all aligned for a fully integrated approach to the way that you're trying to engage somebody.”
- Michael Bellavia, HelpsGood

Using Entertainment to Spread Cause Conversations with Michael Bellavia

Session 31

We all know who can prevent forest fires, and you can thank Michael Bellavia for helping to spread that message and other causes using tactics often associated with play. Bellavia, CEO of HelpsGood, talks to Beth in this session about entertainment’s role in creating conversation.  Smokey the Bear is just one example of how entertainment can lead to a discussion about broader topics and across broader spectrums (did you know you can tweet to Smokey?). The conversation can extend past just the mission of your organization and using entertainment can help. Bellavia talks about the true range of social media and how thinking fast on a rapidly changing platform can reach more people.

He and Beth discuss:

    • What actually constitutes as content
    • How does entertainment affect participation?
    • What are the techniques on social media that actually get people to engage?
    • What media are people using at on-site events? And why does that matter?
    • How can nonprofits really find out what their audiences are interested in?
    • How connecting pop culture events to your organization can make a big difference

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