"People think 'It's so competitive. They didn't fund us because they don't like us.' That's not the way it works. It's the Program Officer's  job to put the best applications in front of their boards so they really can make a difference in the areas that they have that passion for."
– Mandy Pearce, Funding for Good

Grantwriting to Fund your Marketing with Amanda Pearce

Session 30

Finding grant funding can be difficult–but not if you know the right way to do it. Hear from Mandy Pearce, a grant writer and owner of Funding for Good, this week as she talks to Beth about the right steps in securing grant funding. She talks about why research is so important when searching for the right funding, what about your organization is really what grant funders are looking for, and how to tailor your grant funding request to your needs. Mandy explains the difference between program and project funding, and why it is a difference you should be aware of. With her experience as a grant writer, Mandy shares invaluable tips to help you find the right funders.

She and Beth discuss:

  • What does a grant writer want to see to confirm where the grant funding would be going?
  • What is the first and most important step you must complete before applying for grant funding?
  • How can you find someone whose priorities match what you need?
  • How can you make your goals broad enough to cover all of the projects the funding will support and also specific enough to show where exactly that funding will go?
  • Do funders have a standard ratio they like to support?
  • What is the timeline for looking for grant funding?
  • How to create value for your supporters
  • What happens if you receive two grants from two separate programs?

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