"Millenials just have all this emotion and inspiration and they want somewhere to apply it, and that's the on-ramp to our participation."
- Tammy Zonker, the Children's Center

Investing in the Future with Millennials with Tammy Zonker and R Trent Thompson

Session 29

Tammy Zonker and R. Trent Thompson have been starting to target one specific demographic. This group is usually seen on their phones and posting on every form of social media: Millennials. Millennials have become a key demographic for growing a new donor base. At the Children’s Center in Detroit, Tammy and Trent have been working to expand their donor base and show these potential new donors what they do through tours that highlight the mission of the Center, not just the facility. Through pop up restaurants and other events, Tammy and Trent have found ways to find and reach out to this younger population, and make them want to be involved. Why is this generation so important?

They discuss:

  • How can you put together social packages for volunteers in a way that is easy and effective?
  • What is the first and most important step in developing a plan for a big project, like pop up restaurants?
  • How can you best highlight the mission of your organization?
  • And how can you encourage others to share that mission with others?
  • Why is the “millennial” generation crucial for a nonprofit developing their donorbase?
  • Where does social media most effectively play a part?
  • What small ways can you engage and involve your community and make a large impact?

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