"The #GivingTuesday hashtag is something everyone can use no matter who you are or where you are.  It’s a conversation piece and a way for you to talk about giving and to bring different communities and causes together under one banner "
 – Kait Sheridan, 92nd Street Y

Starting a Movement and Building Momentum with Kait Sheridan

Session 28

#GivingTuesday began in its first year with over 2,500 organizations and supporters, much more than the 200 the 92nd Street Y was hoping for when they started the movement. Three years later, #GivingTuesday is still going strong and gaining more momentum each year. Kait Sheridan, Director of Partnerships and Programs at the 92Y, talks to Beth this week about what it is that made the #GivingTuesday movement get off the ground and become as popular and impactful as it is today.

What began as simply an idea for a day to kick off the holiday giving season has become an enormously successful way for organizations around the country to gain new supporters, raise money and connect with others. Kait shares how 92Y has benefited from #GivingTuesday and the team they have built to support the movement. She talks about why the use of a hashtag is so effective and how it encourages others to participate who may not have thought about it.

They discuss:

  • First and foremost, where did the idea come from?
  • What happened in #GivingTuesday’s first year that made those 2,500 supporters want to get to involved
  • What is the biggest impact from a free toolkit like the ones #GivingTuesday provides?
  • How has #GivingTuesday impacted end-of-year giving?
  • What are the benefits of social media ambassadors and how can organizations use them most effectively?
  • When, where, and how the power of partnerships really comes into play
  • How to extend the conversation about giving throughout the year

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