“It's a lot of work and we're all volunteers. It takes a lot of time, and then you go to the event and it's so uplifting and everyone gets so excited and so it's great.”
- Martha Auld, To Celebrate Life Breast Cancer Foundation

Fashion Creates Fun, Funds and New Fundraisers with Martha Auld

Session 25

To Celebrate Life Breast Cancer Foundation is a 100% volunteer-run organization. The volunteers work at home, do not have an office, and use DonorPerfect to store their data and do their work. And in 19 years, they have raised over $4 million in funds to fund other organizations that support women and men living with breast cancer. They also put on one of the biggest yearly fundraising events. Each year, they put on a fashion show called Stepping Out to Celebrate Life featuring women who have fought breast cancer who get dolled up in gowns and makeup. Martha Auld explains the process of putting this large event together without being in an office where you are face-to-face with everyone else who plays a role in planning it. She shares with Beth resources the organization uses to make the process easier.

They discuss:

  • How to reach new volunteers without even talking to them
  • Useful tools for working-from-home
  • How to create accountability among people when you use a solely online system
  • How can you prevent a volunteer from becoming too overwhelmed with a job and avoid burnout?
  • The role of an “understudy” in an organization
  • What is the most important factor in running a 100% volunteer-run organization?

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