“You have to know your market. You can’t go ahead and aim for the whole country first. You have to know your target market.”
– Stephanie Cockerl, nextSTEPH

Winning and Working a Google Adwords Grant with Stephanie Cockerl

Session 23

Go beyond a simple search and use Google for your nonprofit. Beth is joined by Stephanie Cockerl this week to talk about AdWords, Google Grants, and other technological advances that you might not have heard of or be as familiar with. Cockerl, president of nextSTEPH, talks about how to really hone in on technology to reap the full benefits. Google Grants, for instance, can provide your organization an extra $10,000 per month, all you need to do is learn how. Beth and Stephanie talk about why there is still value in print campaigns despite all the technological improvements in reaching your donors. They discuss the ways nonprofits especially can take advantage of Google Grants, and how to successfully complete the application for it.

Hear Stephanie talk about:

  • What are Google grants, and how can it help your organization?
  • How does a keyword relate to a campaign, and why is it important?
  • How do you write an effective ad? What information is most important to draw people to your organization?
  • What are the advantages of squeeze pages?
  • Why are homepages “leaky buckets”?
  • What are the constraints of Google Grants?
  • The value of landing pages—what they are, how they work, and how they help you know if you’re reaching your goals

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