"We really look at engagement, and we really want to engage our alumni in any way possible and in meaningful ways."
- Stephanie Fortunato, Neumann University

Getting to Know Students Before They Become Alumni with Stephanie Fortunato

Session 21

From the very beginning of their freshman year, the alumni relations department at Neumann University makes sure its students know it exists and get involved from the start. Assistant Director of Alumni Relations Stephanie Fortunato explains how the alumni relations and annual giving departments strive to get to know Neumann’s students. It begins with a special class that introduces the department and its goals all the way through graduation where the department provides fun things for students, including huge Polaroid picture frames for students (assuming they know what a Polaroid picture is) to pose in for keepsakes. Stephanie describes the process the class giving program is experiencing as it grows, and how she and her department entice students to get involved with it. Stephanie talks about the communal involvement Neumann generates, too, including holding online webinars for various topics, and even YOU can attend!

Stephanie and Beth discuss:

  • What other forms of participation are important at a university apart from classes?
  • How can you ensure that you always “present your best self”?
  • What is a philanthropy cord and what is its importance?
  • How do direct asks come into play pertaining to higher education?
  • What are the perks of involving people outside of your organization in events such as webinars?
  • Ways to make little things, such as giving out water bottles, yield big results in participation

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