"Those that have successful programs, it's not just one or two people promoting planned giving. It's everybody...It has to be a team effort and a team sport."
- Joe Tumolo, Gift Planning Development

Planned Giving Does Not Have to be Complicated with Joe Tumolo

Session 20

Picking up the phone to call and thank a donor can be a daunting task, but Joe Tumolo knows it makes all the difference. Tumolo, of Gift Planning Development, talks to Beth about the real change a phone call can make. Even if it seems like just a simple call to say thank you, you never know where it could lead. Tumolo explains the benefits and simplicity in planned giving as a means of supporting donors’ interests through every stage of life. He warns that if you don’t offer planned giving to your donors, someone else will. Loyalty and communication are fundamental assets to a successful relationship to a donor, and Joe gives several key examples of how these characteristics come into play.

They discuss:

    • Learning how to communicate with donors about interest in planned giving
    • How to explain the benefits of planned giving to a donor
    • What works really well in attracting people to programs
    • How do you ensure that a person who decides on planned giving still believes it’s a good decision when the money comes due?
    • How do you go about starting a new planned giving program?
    • What is a “legacy society membership drive,” and why is it so successful?
    • Why planned giving is really a team sport

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