"It's really important that those messages become tailored to the needs of the individual where possible, otherwise it's just going to get lost in the fog."
- Lisa Paris, Peirce College

Finding Your Niche with Lisa Paris

Session 19

No matter the product or service, we are always dealing with customers–something every marketer needs to remember, according to Vice President of Marketing and Admissions at Peirce College Lisa Paris. That means that people are looking for something that is tailored to them and fits their needs, which is where you come in! Understanding what the customer truly wants and how they want it, a weekly or monthly email for instance, can make the biggest difference in successful branding. Lisa talks to Beth about the power of personalization and how determining the needs of your customers can make them feel more connected.

Lisa and Beth discuss:

  • Learning how to properly segment, and how doing it correctly can positively and effectively impact your messaging
  • Why it’s important to find your niche through branding strategies
  • How branding compares to a lineman
  • Why are multiple impressions still such a successful marketing strategy?
  • What are vendors? And what kind of perspective do they hold?
  • How does the Peirce marketing department build a connection with its students and get them engaged in the process while they are still in school?
  • How do people interact with different pieces of content?

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