“If you’re trying to involve the audience that you serve, you have to really be willing to listen to them and follow what they say and give them real decisions that empower.”
– Michael Norris, Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance 

Advice for Launching a New Program with The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance

Session 18

This week, Beth sits down with the leadership and communications team from the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance to talk about programming. Creating a new program from scratch without a massive budget or staff can be a challenge, but take notes from this team who started a teen-focused program that has just begun its second successful year. They talk about the STAMP (Students at Museums in Philly) program, which allows teenagers free admission to many of the city’s museums, and how they got the program up and running.

Highlights include:

  • How to appeal to technology-glued teenagers
  • Planning for the second year of a new program and determining the changes that need to be made
  • Learning effective marketing strategies for a new program
  • How can you utilize your external team and constituents to expand your team, create content and build engagement?
  • Experimenting with social media platforms and determining which one generates the most engagement
  • How do you decide what the most successful path will be for a new program?

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