“Engagement is engagement both ways. It's a relationship, and so you can't just schedule a bunch of tweets and leave your desk for the rest of the day or the rest of the week. ”
 – Abigail Quesinberry, Center for Teaching Quality

The Real Reach of Social Media with Abigail Quesinberry

Session 17

This week we’re talking about focusing your social media. Using social media as an organization creates a new environment for instant communication, but also requires putting out content that will catch the interest of your constituents.  Abigail Quesinberry, media and marketing strategist for Center for Teaching Quality, talks to Beth about just that. She goes over the benefits of repurposing content, what happens when you tweet the same link multiple times, and how she got the whole country behind a social media movement about brushing teeth effectively. We also talk about the power of collaboration and how working together, organizations can expand their reach – and more important – their impact.

Find out more about:

    • What are the benefits of using a social media platform that sync all of your individual accounts (such as Thunderclap)?
    • How can you effectively measure page impressions? What are ways to differentiate and measure what is actually important?
    • What data points are becoming more important to measure in social media?
    • How can you get people to click through your content amid celebrity news and the other “light” sections of social media?
    • Using humor and memes effectively and tastefully even when addressing serious topics can be beneficial
    • Do you need images and visuals for all of your content? What platforms are better suited for images?

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