"I don't think anybody recognizes the impact on their brand and their communications that having something out there and not active has on them."
- Cynthia D'Amour, People Power Unlimited

Care and Feeding of Online Communities with Cynthia D’Amour

Session 16

Technology changes all the time—people don’t. Especially when it comes to online communities. Cynthia D’Amour of People Power Unlimited talks about igniting conversations in an online community and the challenges of keeping them lit. D’Amour talks to Beth about the importance of encouraging conversation and participation. What is the purpose of the community? Finding the answer is the first step to making it succeed.

They discuss:

  • What is a “lurker community”?
  • How can you push members to continue to participate and lead conversations even when you’re not there?
  • What is the distinction of belonging to an online community and participating in an online community?
  • Encouraging the switch from content “consumer” to “creator”
  • How personalization is key for any type of organization
  • Why it is important for the face of your organization to maintain communications and keep them active

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