“I think quality in what you do and the balance of doing enough and not too much is always tough to negotiate”
- Barbara Kraus-Blackney, ADVIS

Getting People to Show Up with Barbara Kraus-Blackney

Session 15

This week Beth explores how associations actually get people to show up and participate in person! Beth speaks to Barbara Kraus-Blackney, executive director at ADVIS (The Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools), an association that works with independent schools in PA, NJ, DE, and MD. Barbara talks about the ways ADVIS gets its members involved firsthand, including in planning workshops and events. She explains how ADVIS focuses their social media efforts on Twitter as a learning tool in addition to a platform for posting updates. Your website has potential to be more than just an introduction to your organization, and Barbara discusses how to capitalize on that by using ADVIS as an example.

Beth and Barbara discuss:

  • How to involve members in planning successful workshops
  • Why the main purpose of your website doesn’t just have to be ‘about us’
  • Why you don’t need to be on every social network
  • What other resources can you use to encourage input from members?
  • How small things such as having clear signage at an event can make your organization stand out
  • Finding a balance between quality, doing enough and doing too much
  • How can you really capitalize on social media platforms such as Twitter?

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