“Failure is one of those things that is hard to teach and hard to get people to understand. If you're not failing, you're not moving ahead.”
— Bill Moore, Zoo Miami

Exhibiting Passion at the Zoo with Bill Moore

Session 14

Bill Moore doesn’t monkey around when talking about his job as President and CEO of the Zoological Society of Florida. Bad puns aside, Moore joins Beth this week to talk about his role with Zoo Miami, and how there is much more to maintaining a zoo than meets the eye. He talks about the zoo’s conservation projects and how they effectively communicate these efforts with its audience. They also discuss some failures Bill has faced, but more importantly the lessons and success he found from them. There is more value to be found in failure than we think. Bill might not say it, but the episode is really about leadership.  His  focus on guiding passion allows staff, visitors and donors to connect with and share what they love.

Listen and learn:

  • How your organization really is like a zoo!
  • Why is failure sometimes more important than success
  • How communicating what’s behind-the-scenes impacts the public’s understanding of what you do
  • How can you make your passion shine through and connect to your audience
  • What methods work to get a message out, a formal communication process such as email or something else like video and newsletters
  • How can you make communication applicable to every audience, from snail mail to a Facebook post
  • How can you ensure you’ve made the right hire
  • How much time should you really spend when interviewing a prospect for a staff position

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