"It's really human nature to get involved and when we don't get involved, we don't have that loyalty or that commitment and so in a membership organization, involvement is going to be the trigger."
 - Peggy Hoffman, Mariner Management

Banning the “V” Word with Peggy Hoffman

Session 11

The volunteer paradigm is shifting according to Peggy Hoffman, president of Mariner Management, featured on this week’s Driving Participation. Peggy and Beth discuss getting members involved to a greater level where they can be considered citizens and “belongers” of an organization, and banning volunteers—well, banning the word “volunteer” in the hopes of eliminating the emotional baggage associated with it. They explore how the little things can add up to big-time involvement from members, starting out with something as simple as a survey. Peggy talks about the role of leadership in an organization. Can a leaderless organization still thrive? Find out:

  • Is there a connection with an involved member being a more long term and sustainable member?
  • Are there commonalities between what takes someone from being just a member to being a ‘citizen’ of the organization?
  • What does it mean to be at the ‘citizen level’ of an organization?
  • Does donor-centric language apply in association membership?
  • Ways to engage members beyond a “Get Involved” tab on a website
  • How can organizations better cater to the needs of its members and volunteers?
  • Why a personal ask for involvement is so effective and important
  • The importance of leadership in an organization and how having a “co” leader system can change the dynamic of the organization

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