"I think you have to kind of couple the plight and the call to action with something that's hopeful so that people feel that they are making a difference and there is a light at the end of the tunnel."
- Gloria Pugliese

Putting a Name and Face to Your Cause with Gloria Pugliese

Session 10

Gloria Pugliese has a background in education and brought her to expertise to help some four-legged friends during her time as Director of Development at the Delaware County SPCA. She talks about how the organization has used social media to stay connected with those who have adopted pets and those who may in the future. She talks about how to strike the right tone in emails and content when talking about how supporters of the organization can help. Putting a name or specific case to your cause can rally donors to action and is a big trend Gloria saw with her time at the SPCA—and can help your organization, too. Find out:

They discuss:

    • How can you use social media as a way of really communicating, not just as a platform to post updates or events?
    • Why does putting a specific case and story to your organization make such a difference?
    • How can you create a process to follow a certain tone or message you want your organization to have?
    • From a development standpoint, how can you create a balance between sensitivity and still address the need for giving?
    • What does segmentation mean for an organization?
    • Does participation make a difference in building an affinity that makes a financial change for an organization?

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