“I think one of the challenges is, just because someone didn't act on something right at that time doesn't mean they don’t remember the organization and something couldn't happen later.”
 – Stephanie Cory, Epilepsy Foundation of Delaware

Growing Your Network to Raise Awareness with Stephanie Cory

Session 05

In this session, Beth speaks to Stephanie Cory, executive director of the Epilepsy Foundation of Delaware. Beth and Stephanie discuss everything ranging from running a chapter of a national organization to creating accountability among your organization’s volunteers. Beth wants to know how you can help a board member become more proactive in your organization, and Stephanie has the answers. She also gives invaluable tips on how you can use social media sites you are probably already using to attract new volunteers. Are you on LinkedIn? You can use it to find new people who would be interested in your organization!

Find out:

  • How can you increase your organization page’s Facebook likes?
  • How can changing the business model affect the membership of an organization?
  • How can you use popular social media sites such as LinkedIn to attract new volunteers?
  • What difference can specificity and accountability make among volunteers?
  • What questions should you ask to determine what comes next after something doesn’t work the way you expect?
  • How to define participation and where it is most important

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