“I have to add a little caveat here, you’re asking a storyteller to tell a story! I spent about seven or eight years in Hollywood in the Hollywood system, really learning the craft of storytelling on a big scale.”
— Chris Davenport – 501 Videos

Telling a Moving Story with Christopher Davenport

Session 04

In the third installment of our series on storytelling in nonprofit communications, Beth speaks to Chris Davenport, known for his Movie Mondays feature, and author of Nonprofit Storytelling for Board Members. Chris describes how to tell a powerful story without narration – and how people-focused communications pack the strongest punch.

Find out:

  • What do nonprofits get wrong in their communications?
  • Why should your audience never be “everybody”?
  • How can you ask the right questions to get people to tell you great stories?
  • How can you make the most impact with video?
  • The huge tip Chris shares to get authentic interviews
  • What to focus on if you don’t have a budget

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