“The more I talked to people, the more I really understood where they were at… I heard the words that they used to describe our cause, which were not the words that I would use!”
 – Vanessa Chase, The Storytelling Non-Profit

Getting People Involved in Your Story with Vanessa Chase

Session 02

This week we’re telling a story…about telling stories! In the first of a series about how nonprofits can tell effective stories to enhance their communications, Beth speaks with Vanessa Chase from the Storytelling Non-Profit. They discuss how stories are driving participation in nonprofits and organizations. Beth admits, “Everybody can type and put words on a page, it’s sometimes hard to know what this storytelling thing really means.” So Vanessa gives tips on how to get, tell and use stories to drive participation at every level.

They explore:

  • Why is storytelling so good for getting people involved?
  • How can you get people in your organization to buy into the storytelling concept?
  • How can you extract good stories from case studies and donors?
  • How do you tell a really compelling story?
  • Where can you put your stories to work?

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