“You start looking at half million dollars, geez you're talking about 10 kids that could have had a free ride.”
— Heather Potts Brown, Villanova University

Translating Alumni Love into Annual Giving with Heather Potts Brown

Session 01

When you’re facing a challenge, why not set one? This week Beth speaks to Heather Potts Brown, the Executive Director of Annual Giving at Villanova University. Heather explains the success they’ve had in driving participation amongst alumni volunteers to increase giving to the school, from both former and current students.

Find out:

  • How can you encourage volunteer involvement in fundraising, even when they aren’t comfortable asking for money?
  • How much can giving challenges and contests increase fundraising
  • How can you make small gift donors feel like their donation is worth giving
  • Why is it so important to engage internally with current students
  • When does stewardship and fundraising work together?
  • What one change led to 50% of students make a gift before graduation


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