Getting the Branding Process Started

Strategic branding is a highly intensive process that involves key stakeholders in your organization.

Check out Are You Ready for A Rebrand on FocalPoint if you’re wondering if your organization is prepared to undertake this work.

If you know you’re prepared, and you feel confident in your ability to start this process then let’s talk about how exactly to get going.

Who’s with you?

Understanding the level of support you’ll have from those within your organization and how they feel about the process should be your first step. It will help to know who’s most likely to be on board with the process. Learning why they are on board, what outcomes they are hoping for, and how they see the project progressing is valuable time spent upfront.

Uncover the friction

At the same time, you need to investigate who may be the most resistant within your organization. Understanding their hesitation can help you learn how to ease their qualms while also allowing you to learn from fears that they may have. Contrarian perspectives can feel frustrating — but they often reveal blind spots the enthusiasts miss.

Get buy-in from the top

Talking to leadership and researching their motivations and goals can also help you get started. It is essential to truly understand what those in leadership positions are expecting so you can adjust the project as needed before you start.

Gather a working group

A big shift doesn’t happen in isolation. Getting input and feedback from a cross-section of your community throughout the process creates better results. Think of your key audiences: leadership, staff, board, volunteers, donors, constituents, community and funding partners. Try to get a representative from most of these categories to participate in working on or providing feedback throughout the process.

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