Future-Proof Your Marketing

It seems like yesterday our biggest marketing fear was the robot apocalypse. Machine learning and AI was all the buzz.

The future somehow always seems to mean tech. Cool tech. Trendy tech. Out-of-reach tech. It’s hard not to obsess.

Well, who’s top stress is marketing automation today?

We are all living through something unanticipated. But these “uncertain times” that everyone is talking about? We live in uncertain times every day. No one knows what the future holds.

This week I was looking at a presentation from 2018 about future-proofing your marketing. And you know what? Those tips are all still relevant today, so I thought I’d share my favorite:

Tip #1: Plan for Disaster

Because nothing ever goes as planned. To quote my father, “there are two kinds of people in the world…people who back up….and people who wish they did.” At the time, he was looking at the smoking remains of his business five weeks before it was supposed to be sold.

Granted, nobody expected to need a backup plan for a complete cancelation of in-person interaction. But the more we all flex our adaptability muscles, the better off we’ll be when we need to use them.

The best way I know to secure the future is to stop living 100% in reactivity. When a crisis happens, it’s so easy to let what’s urgent today eclipse what’s important for tomorrow.

So, make sure your back up is in place…whatever that means for you. Having your plan for disaster set relieves worry and clears brain space to think about the future.

And if you are still stuck, let us know if we can help. Sometimes getting an outside perspective can be the most creative solution!