Focused Doesn’t Mean Boring

In today’s multi-channel, multi-message, multi-everything world of distraction, finding ways to get the word out without becoming white noise or worse — seen as irritating — becomes a challenge.

There are times when exact repetition is valuable, such as sending an email invitation more than once to remind people to register. But for longer or larger campaigns, you need consistency rather than duplication or your message becomes invisible.

Let’s take a look one way you can inject new energy to re-capture attention without blowing up the recognition you’ve built.

If you have an event, a fundraising campaign or any project that the core message is still appropriate, think about how you can iterate on your concept.

Branch off your main theme and create related concepts and visuals that can be mixed and matched. The key thing is to consider how much needs to stay the same and what can be changed so it’s recognized…but feels exciting again.

Think about the elements that brand your campaign — colors, fonts, style, scale, images and words.

Which is the anchor holding you steady and which is the sail moving you forward?

To better illustrate this, let’s look at a project we worked on last fall for Einstein Health System to help them expand their “Adopt a Patient” campaign.

Every year, Einstein asks its community and staff for donations to give blankets to patients on Christmas Eve. In 2017 the campaign was given the opportunity to “take over” social media on GivingTuesday.

And there’s only so many times you can tweet the same phrase or image in one day!

We took their tagline of “Give the gift of warmth” and iterated to create: Give the gift of comfort. Give the gift of joy. Give the gift of coziness… cheer… security… kindness.

Notice how the designs connect with the original campaign and each other to tell a story over the course of the day and the weeks that followed.

As you’re getting ready to kick off your next tried-and-true campaign, consider ways you can expand your ideas to keep the spark alive.


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