“What I’ve learned is that participation doesn’t start with marketing. It doesn’t even start with messaging. It starts with mindset and creating a culture of participation from the inside out.”
— Beth Brodovsky

200 Ways You Are Driving Participation

Session 200

After five years and 200 episodes, Beth has certainly learned a thing or two (or 200) about participation, such as where it comes from and what it really means. As she turns the final page of the podcast, she reflects on the five principles of participation she’s picked up on with the help from guests along the way, from the meaning and value of collaboration to knowing your audience beyond demographics and much more. She reflects on:

  • Lessons learned on the difference between participation and engagement
  • Building value by understanding your audience’s true motivation for giving
  • How to deliver on experience
  • Stories from guests about partnering with other nonprofits and building a network of volunteers who provide monitoring and content for social media