Peer to Peer is More than Technology

“It’s just a nonprofit’s version of the Mary Kay lady and/or Tupperware. … It’s just somebody doing multi-level marketing for you, doing fundraising for you and dealing with their network of people and engaging and asking them to participate with your organization financially.” — Dorene Ocamb, MADD

The concept of peer-to-peer is nothing new, but it has certainly changed over the years with the advent of technology. Dorene Ocamb, senior director of integrated marketing at MADD, joins this session to explore what peer-to-peer really is (it’s simpler than you think) and how technology has offered new ways for constituents to engage with your organization and spread your mission. She describes what she sees as a “renaissance of participation” and how new generations are engaging with organizations in new ways, citing groups like “parennials” and millennials. She and Beth explore:

  • What really is a peer-to-peer campaign?
  • The seven goals of MADD’s strategic plan
  • The unexpected benefits of being a smaller organization
  • Is segmenting messages worth the headache?
  • How technology enables peer-to-peer
  • Why there is a “resurgence of civic engagement” and how that helps nonprofits
  • What are the emotional levers that make people participate?


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Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown on Amazon


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