Lead like a Champion

“Leadership doesn’t mean you’re just the best at something. It actually means that you bring together the best people, that they look to you to bring them together and unite them around a common vision and mission.” — Anika Rahman

Anika Rahman has worked with such organizations as Rainforest Alliance, the Ms. Foundation, and the United Nations Population Fund. She joins this session to talk about the different facets of one of her favorite topics: leadership. Anika explores areas of leadership from how it is different for men and women to how leaders should deal with failure. Failure, she says, in some sense means that you’ve been pushing yourself to your limits and there are opportunities to learn from it. She talks about the true role of a leader when it comes to creating inspiration and — most importantly — trust. She and Beth explore:

  • What are the differences between a vision and a mission
  • How a leader can build trust
  • What makes something a movement?
  • Why women in leadership roles may often deal with “imposter syndrome” more than men
  • What does “leadership” actually mean?
  • What changes occur in an organization when the leader is truly championing ideas?


Anika’s website

Find Anika on LinkedIn and Twitter

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The Rainforest Alliance

The Ms. Foundation for Women

United Nations Population Fund

Center for Reproductive Rights


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