Did I Tweet That?

Beth Brodovsky Twitter Tunnel

I don’t know about you, but some days I have trouble remembering what I had for breakfast much less if I posted something on social media. With the speed of some sites, your post is there and gone before you even get a chance to see it in your own profile. I just discovered Twitter Tunnel a great tool that archives Tweets. It found my tweets and tweets referring to me for the last 90 days. Why might you want to look at old tweets?

  • Positioning – looking at three months of tweets all together lets you see what message your are sending over time. Are you consistent? Do you keep to your core brand? Do they seem like they all came from the same organization or person?
  • Marketing – When promoting content, programs and events its easy to forget what you have done. Have I said that yet? How often? Being able to copy and old post and resend can save time.
  • Research – You can use other tools like SproutSocial to see your own tweet archives, but you can’t see anyone else’s from that long ago. If you need to find out about an organization or a person, learning what they talk about online can be very helpful. Just be careful how you use the information so it doesn’t seem creepy. Despite the information being public, it still can freak people out that you checked.
  • CYA– If you have someone tweeting on behalf of you or your organization, you should stay in touch with what they are posting. And if an HR or PR problem comes up related to what was written, it would be helpful to read it yourself.

There is always something new coming along in social media – but sometimes you need to keep an eye on what is old!