On the heels of one of their most unique years ever, The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society reached out to us for help with their annual Impact Report. Their biggest event of the year, the Philadelphia Flower Show, was hosted outdoors for the first time to accommodate for the COVID-19 pandemic.

We approached the project by reviewing their accomplishments and challenges over the past year and how we could best demonstrate their impact. PHS’s subject matter is so beautiful that their design pieces have always relied heavily on photography. As we reviewed their brand guidelines we decided to incorporate their expansive color palette of vibrant colors which was a shift from past practices of a simple design with only their three primary colors at the forefront.

While still relying heavily on photography, we decided to bring in more of those bright colors that had been left out in the past. We paired the colors with the photographs carefully to complement each other. This brought attention to how vibrant the outdoor imagery and created a visual mark throughout the piece that this year was different.