Lower Merion School District wants to be the first choice for families looking for academic rigor and preparation for the most challenging universities.

Over our years working with LMSD we developed a brand identity that was embraced by students, staff and alumni.

Notably, we dealt with the previously dueling mascots of “Aces” and “Bulldogs” and created a mascot bulldog named Ace. His Ace of Spades dog tag has been spun off into an icon of its own.

Not only has the community come to love Ace and the spade symbol, NBA star and Lower Merion alum Kobe Bryant has used both the Bulldog and the Ace icons on his Nike Lower Merion commemorative shoes.

Like many schools, Harriton’s ram mascot was borrowed from the NFL. We designed a custom mascot for the reopening of the school after a major renovation.

During our work together, the two district high schools were rebuilt to create schools of equal size. This created tension about the loss “the way things were.” We worked with the Community Relations Department to produce messaging throughout the construction to communicate with the community about the need for the work and opportunities that would come. Over time, the community not only accepted the new school, they share their pride.