Delaware Hospice had a website with the three critical problems:

  1. A malfunctioning Content Management System that made keeping their website current near impossible.
  2. An outdated image … and new competitors showing up in town.
  3. Content run rampant – the old and the new were all mashed up in a site that was hard to understand and navigate.

These are all huge issues … and they were heading right into their event and donation season. Prime time for website usage.

To help Delaware Hospice get its new website up quickly on a platform that would meet its fundraising and site management needs, we decided to approach the project in two phases.

In Phase 1, using Delaware Hospice’s old content, we designed and built a new site, fixing the image and technology issues in just eight weeks.

Now in Phase 2 we’re working through the existing content to refresh and update it—adding new content and retiring old messaging. This way may require some backtracking and redesign of pages. However, we are now building on a solid foundation and the costs for content and adjustments are spread over multiple years.

Websites are no longer a one-and-done project. They are the hub of communication for most organizations and as such, need regular attention. Looking at the long game and committing to ongoing evolution will absolutely lead to a more stable and successful web presence.