The challenge with having one in-house staff member handle all communications is that finding a marketing unicorn is a rare thing indeed. Effective marketing requires the ability to create a plan that drives organizational goals — and then make it happen. Strategic and tactical skills are very different and often not found in one person. Not to mention that few people are equally talented in writing, web programming and design.

Beth El Synagogue Center in New York was feeling stretched thin as they moved through an immersive strategic planning process. They needed help with both the day-to-day execution of flyers, emails, brochures and website updates as well as an advisor in navigating how to integrate the new strategy into communications.

With our team of professional writers, designers, developers and strategists, we are able to divide and conquer, putting the right people on the right job for the right amount of time.

The processes we’ve put in place have allowed us to take over daily work that bogged down the in-house staff. Including print design work, email marketing, social media, video, and more. Some have proved so efficient that we were able return projects back to the staff, freeing our team to handle more complex needs.

While our designers and writers are keeping the daily flow of communications moving, strategists are working at the organizational level to redirect communications to support the new strategic plan.

Along with tools to communicate about the new Strategic Plan, we are developing a Communication Strategy to define goals, objectives, strategies and measures to bring awareness and create appreciation for the new direction.