Avoiding Ghoulish Color Palettes

Anyone who has ever had to choose paint for a room knows that crafting the perfect color palette isn’t as easy as it may seem. Colors you like may compete against each other and cause issues in design. Just like in your living room, your marketing needs a well-rounded color palette to work well.

Your colors should grab people’s attention while making it easy to share your information — and too much of a good thing will make your designs unbalanced:

  1. Over-Saturation

    Make sure your color palette is not all bright colors. Too much bright in a design can make it hard for readers to read the content and give no place for eyes to rest.

  1. Too Much Darkness

    Palettes that use primarily dark colors are often too hard to read and are very dull to look at.

  1. Too Much Lightness

    Palettes heavily featuring light colors make the design weak and washed out—both contributing to an un-memorable and un-readable result.

Sameness in not only boring, its ineffective and will be frustrating as you design. These four components will give you the perfect recipe for a color palette that allows for variation, readability, and interest.

  1. Dark Color

    Dark colors are ideal for copy readability. Copy doesn’t have to be black but it needs contrast with the background to be effective.

  1. Light Color

    Light colors can perk up copy that’s on a dark background. They can also fill boxes and background areas without making a design feel heavy.

  1. Bright Color

    Bright colors add highlights and create drama in a design which makes the design more interesting to the viewer. Like that cool pillow on your couch.

  1. Neutral Color

    Neutral colors help to offset the other colors in the design. They add a non-color color that doesn’t conflict with the other colors and allows you to expand your color palette with out it turning into a circus.

Keeping this formula in mind when concocting your color palette will ensure a well-balanced, yet interesting result.

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