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3 Ways to Share Video on Facebook

Divers Academy Video ExampleAs the social media behemoth continues to change how they display and promote content, I wanted to share a few different options for posting video.

Video is fast becoming the darling of content marketing and social sharing. It is a great tool to use to capture content because it can be broken down into so many components. Its current the most shared media on Facebook and YouTube is the #2 search engine after Google, so collecting and sharing your stories through video is a valuable engagement practice.

In this example, I shot a simple interview with my iPhone. It was my first time and I hope you are impressed by my steady hands! As you can see, I held the iPhone vertically, which is a problem. YouTube’s native format is horizontal. We used Adobe After Effects to create a horizontal background with some stock footage and the client’s logo. I am sure you could do the same with many of the video editing tools out there. You could just as easily use a still photograph. Or you may want room to add your branding and do it on purpose.
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Better Writing = Stronger Connections with Donors and Members

ConjunctionitisI’ve been really trying to focus on my writing lately, both in frequency and in quality. As the world of marketing increasingly focuses on content, generating more media is important for all of us. But it needs to be valuable.

I think it’s easy to try to demonstrate expertise by using big words, long sentences and multiple adjectives because we feel we need to be both caring and compassionate. See there, that was a perfect example. I call it “conjunctionitis.” Sentences filled with “ands,” “becauses” and multiple commas are brutal for the average reader. Especially when reading on-screen.

And have you checked how many of your readers are coming from mobile? Do that. Because those screens are really small.
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