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What Makes a Social Post Sharable?

What Makes Content Sharable?

A member in the American Marketing Association’s Nonprofit Special Interest Group asked about the definition of a “sharable” post in social media. I thought I would reprint my take on the answer here.

It  definitely brings up the question of what sharing means — and what defines content.

On Facebook, if someone “likes” a post, they have read it and, presumably, enjoyed or agreed with it. They may not even realize that when clicking “Like” FB tells all their friends (and possibly their friends and the public depending on privacy settings) that they did that. So in once sense people may think they are they only consumed the content but in taking a social action, they shared it.  Letting the people you are connected with follow what you do is part of the nature of social sites whether you are conscious of wanting to share or not.  So I would say that creating posts of any kind that engage viewers and inspire them to take a social action could be a definition of “sharable”.
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What will Marketing Look like to the Next Generation?

My son was home from college for the holidays and borrowed my car when I realized I had left the office holiday cards in the back seat. I texted him and asked him to mail them for me. His response “They go in that blue thing, right?” Wow. Really?rjs1322_Mailbox

So, like any good mother, I posted on Facebook and told everyone at the office about my kid not knowing what a mailbox was. Everyone reported that their kids asked where the stamp goes when helping with the family holiday cards. So at least it’s not just me.

I mention this because of the ongoing debate of whether print – and specifically direct mail – is still relevant. I am firmly in the camp of integration and using every means possible to get a consistent message in front of members. Today, for many organizations integration includes print. Today. Tomorrow, next year, in five years – who knows?
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5 Ideas for Increasing Open Rate of Nonprofit Emails

If you have been emailing to your list for a while, chances are your open rates may be starting to stall.  It may be time to experiment with some new ideas in order to re-engage your subscribers.

1. Split Test

Do you do any split testing? That can be a great way to find out what improves email open rates. During the presidential campaign the email with the highest open rate was from Michele Obama with a subject line of “Hey”. Go figure. Most of us rely on what we like and what we think will work and ignore the fact that digital media gives us the opportunity to check our assumptions. Make sure when testing to only change one thing at a time – a different subject line or picture but not both.

2. Change the Look

If official, methodical testing is too cumbersome or your technology doesn’t allow it, (or you just don’t have the patience). I have also had good luck sending the exact same email with the same subject line and a totally different design. For example sending an event invite in a totally professional designed email then following it up a week later with a plain version that only had minimal letterhead-style graphics. Guess which one had better open rates and closed more sales?
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